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• Our vision is to be the largest and most comprehensive database of properties for sale in Philippines.
• If you are real estate agent or a broker, you can insert ads for every property available for sale. It's free and you have total control over your account: insert new ads, edit ads, renew ads (push to top), delete ads, insert up to 24 images per listing, etc...
• If you are a private seller and have a property for sale, we offer you our free service. Just insert your listing. Everyone loves to buy a property direct from owner with a better price...
• The site has a built-in search engine that assists property buyers to narrow down their search. This saves them the hassle and time of viewing hundreds of listings.
• The ads are listed in a simple way, clear and easy to understand.
• Using Piliko.com is a smart way for connecting real estate agents with buyers! :o)

Our Team

• Piliko.com is created by a small team united by the passion for internet and the urge for helping people.
• A lot of work was done, but is our way to give back to society.
• We hope you find useful our site and we will apreciate your help to spread the word with a link to us on your blog, website, facebook page, forum, etc... :o)

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