jovey tina pomegas jovey tina pomegas
I am a licensed Real Estate Broker (since 1989). I was VP at Real Estate Brokers Asso. of the Philippines- Baguio Chapter in 1989-1990 (REBAP). . I am a trusted Real Estate Practitioner having sold many properties mostly in Zambales and Tarlac area plus some in my home city: Baguio City. . i work visiting properties mostly located by my men or relatives, If am not out there at field trips, i work online at home or doing mission work with tribes teaching them farming or Biblical values. Most of the properties I list are Agricultural, . beach lots in Zambales, Tarlac and Condominium units at Metro Manila/Baguio City.
I am by God´s grace very healthy at 65 y/o. Please schedule ahead a date to view the properties. We present documents ONLY in person with the Direct Buyer for mutual protection.
Address: Quezon City
Contact: +639183011249 / 639563629115

jovey tina pomegas
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